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We sponsor interested Fairmont teachers and staff to participate in Gender Spectrum’s Gender Institute. 

The training provides a foundation for gender inclusion work in the school community. It does not require any previous study or knowledge about gender, but meets each participant where they are.

Gender Spectrum says: "Society’s understanding of gender is rapidly shifting, profoundly impacting the lives of all students along with their families and caregivers. These shifting attitudes have implications for virtually every aspect of education, and educators must be capable of responding accordingly. This institute will leave teachers and site staff more prepared to take on the task of creating and maintaining gender inclusive schools."

If you are an educator or staff member at Fairmont and you are interested in participating in this training, please use the Contact Us form or our email address to reach out. Trainings are available 1-2 times per year. We also continue to seek other school-wide training opportunities.

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